How-to-DY Your Home Décor to Look Like an Anthropology Catalog? 

Vanity Mirror for Make-Up Desk
We start with the original price of a full-priced Anthropology Vanity Mirror Desk, which can cost from $699.45 smallest $1,198 most oversized, greater-quality mirrors.

  • Create your own with this DIY project for under $70:

    • Mirror Glass is ranging from $4.54 - $50.00 depending on the size and shape. For This one, the cut out is an oval length of 30 to 35 inches and a depth of 14 to 18 inches. The average height is usually 29 to 32 inches.

    • Stick-on light Bulbs from Amazon or Home Depot $15.00 (aesthetically pleasing but optional).

    • Plain Wood 1-in x 12-in x 8-ft square-shaped unfinished pine board (Lowes) $23.42· White Spray Paint $4.59

    • Spray Primer $3.98

    • Sandpaper $5.97

    DIY Mirror Instructions:
    1.- With a pencil, lightly draw an overall circle height of 30 to 35 inches and a depth of 14 to 18 inches. The average height is usually 29 to 32 inches. In the middle of the wood. It is best to place the mirror as a guide to sketch out your circle. Suppose you are not confident in your artistic abilities. In that case, you should invest in a pair of compasses cylinder pencil tools but make sure your circle is more significant than the mirror by a couple of inches.

    2.- Circle the cut out with a wood cutting device; if you do not have one, cheap options are available on Amazon.

    3.- After the hard part of cutting your wood, you have made it to the Sandpaper and Spray-painting of the wooden circle cut out. Requires a place outdoors with paint covering or paper towels and a mask.

    4.-Then spray paint primer once on the wooden circle after leave to dry for 15 minutes and the sand in a circular motion till smooth.

    5.- Then glue the mirror to the wood with super glue.

    6.- After the optional stick-on light bulb, step super easy if buying the stick-on sticker option.  

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