Dollar General Invests In Affordable Healthcare 

You might recognize Dollar General as a nationwide discount retailer selling everything from food to home décor, but the retailer plans on offering more in the future. Recently, Dollar General announced hiring their first chief medical officer to expand into a healthcare destination offering more healthcare products.

The expansion will add more healthcare products to shelves, including cold medicine, cough medicine, dental supplies, and more. Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos explained the retailer’s goal in this new development would enhance and build affordable healthcare offerings for customers, especially in rural communities. 

Dollar General is an affordably priced retailer and will continue to build its reputation by offering affordable healthcare for all in more than 17,400 stores nationwide. Some Dollar General locations serve communities lacking other grocers or major pharmacies in the area.   

Dollar General has already explored offering healthcare through their stores with free COVID-19 testing at select locations in partnership with the Virginia Department of Health according to CNCB. In early spring, the retailer announced they will be building bigger stores to accommodate the shift into offering healthcare, opening more than 1,000 new locations this year.   

This healthcare expansion will help meet more customers’ demands nationwide and continue to build its reputation as a discount retailer while ensuring the company’s future success. CNBC indicates Dollar General will be building relationships with companies providing healthcare products and services so that the retailer can roll out its own offerings.